Blog Marketing Tips: Video For Business

Blog marketing is an important part of many online marketing campaigns because bloggers are such build your online reputation and reach out to potential customers. When I first started working with online marketing in 2009, blogs were only a small part of the equation (the word “blogosphere) hadn’t even been coined yet) since “web diaries”, the precursor to blogs, had a much smaller readership. With over a decade of experience in online marketing under my belt and many years blogging, I have developed some great tips for blog marketing that can help business and other clients reach out to customers and a commanding presence online.

Since blog marketing has two main purposes, I have divided my tips into two categories: Search engine optimization (SEO) and using blogs to reach out directly to potential customers.

Blog marketing tips: Video marketing

Blog marketing campaigns often involve videos for businesses, but this is a recent development. I remember having to wait for YouTube videos to load before playing, but now high-definition videos stream instantly.

Video marketing adds a personal face to your marketing campaign. For one thing, people like seeing other people’s faces so they will be drawn towards a video.

Also, videos are a better format than text for people who are audio and visual learners. This means that adding video marketing to a blog marketing campaign will allow you to connect with more people than you did before.

Blog marketing tips: Search engine optimization

Blog marketing has not always been a widespread internet marketing strategy, but businesses have tried to get their pages to rank highly on search engines since the last century. Even in 1999, consumers were using search engines to find articles online so businesses quickly figured out to try to get their articles to the top of the first page. However, they mostly only use the top page of searches to decide which site is worthy.

Google has a special algorithm for determining how highly a site will show up on its search engine results and it’s based on two things: The number and quality of backlinks going to a page that are links for a specific term (off-site SEO), and how well the site is written for search engines (on-site SEO).

A good blogger relations campaign publishes articles to link not just to your pages, but also to link to good articles that have already been published about you. This helps both your pages and these articles show up highly in search results, while simultaneously building up backlinks to your site.

Blog marketing tips: Targeted marketing

With the rise in popularity of blogs since circa 2006, marketing directly to blog readers has become a powerful way to connect with customers, but it’s based on concepts that existed even before the Internet.

Why are blog readers good to market toward?

Think of the last few blogs posts you’ve read. Now think about what the blog itself is about. Now think about who reads that blog. What’s the blog’s audience? How old are they? Do they make online purchases?

Now contrast this to an ad by the freeway. What’s the product for? Who’s seeing that ad? What are their demographic characteristics? How closely does this product align with the people who are seeing the ad?

The ad on the freeway is going to be seen by a lot of people who aren’t interested. Yes, a lot of them will be commuters, and most of them will own cars, but most billboards can’t be very specific. In a way, they are even more broad than an advertisement broadcast on TV, since that ad will only be seen by people viewing the show.

On the other hand, most blogs are targeted at a very specific demographic because they are about a very narrow topic. This means that their readers are highly targetable and will have a high lead-to-sale conversion rate if you market toward them. Even compared to other targeted marketing strategies like running an AdSense campaign, blogger marketing lets you focus on a narrow audience that is automatically interested in your product and might have even heard of it already.

Blog marketing tips: Trust marketing

Facebook has recently began putting fake “Like” advertisements up, whereby somebody’s Facebook friend is said to “Like” a particular product or brand. The idea is that people trust their friends more than they trust advertisers, so by masking advertising as friend posts people are more likely to click on the ads.

In this way, people see their friends as “trust agents”, which is a similar role bloggers play. However, bloggers carry extra weight that friends and social media marketing cannot compete with: Like friends, they are trusted for their honest, but they are also trusted because their readership sees them as experts in their field.

Blogging marketing campaigns work because SEO, targeting marketing, and trust marketing synthesize to build your presence online and earn you the trust of people who are likely to buy your product.