Blogger Relations

Blogger relations help you establish your digital reputation online.

Digital reputation is created by the content found when searching for your business. Managing good blogger relations builds reputation by creating high-quality, digestible content from sources consumers trust: knowledgeable amateurs without any monetary interests. This new marketing concept has turned the online marketing world upside down but Influence People understands the true importance of blogger relations and has the connections with many influential bloggers and the like that will help your business grow.

Why does reputation matter?

Although advertising can go a long way in developing and changing how customers perceive your company and should be part of most marketing campaigns, it’s not as effective at brand management and changing your public image. Most online advertising is designed to sell a product, not a company or a brand, and blogger relations can do both.

Traditional online advertising works fine for products and services where the brand isn’t very important, where the entire sales process doesn’t take very long, or where the potential customer has already been introduced to the earlier parts of the sales process, such as through a costly offline advertising campaign.

For everything else, your company’s reputation matters at least as much as your advertising budget: In order to engage online with the marketplace and audience at early points in the sales process, you need to have a positive digital reputation that fits well with your product and services.

Why are blogs targeted and how does this work for me?

Consider the phrases “auto repair” and “cars.” Somebody looking for “auto repair” is probably looking for a place to get their car fixed, but somebody looking for “cars” can be looking for almost anything that has to do with cars. This can be anything from Hot Wheels, buying new cars, and the history of automobiles.

Most blogs are about specific, targetable topics. That means that if you have an auto parts supply website, you can get articles about auto repair that link back to your shop’s site. The people that see the article probably fix their cars themselves so they’re likely to buy parts directly from you.