Brian Solis Speaking on Social Media Monitoring in Paris, 10th Dec.

Brian Solis Speaking in Paris after Le Web 2010

At Monitoring Social Media 2010 Paris on 10th December, we’re lucky enough to have Brian Solis is the keynote speaker. He’ll be providing insights into the future of social media monitoring and measurement. Here’s a quick summary from Brian…

From Monitoring to Measurement

Social media is inspiring a new genre of intelligence. With the abundance of listening and monitoring tools available today, businesses now have access to real-time insight and intelligence. The ability to know what people say, think, and share is inspiring organizations to create infrastructures around discovering and tracking relevant conversations. But this is about more than listening. Businesses must also learn and adapt to not only compete for the moment, but also for the future.

Earning relevance is commensurate with the ability to recognize opportunities to change and grow. And that’s where we need to focus, from listening to hearing to measuring. The future of new media lies in our ability to lead conversation, not just respond to them. This is a “click to action” and at the center of all online activity, is the ability to inspire action and measure it. Integrating performance and metrics systems will help organizations shift toward an new era of leadership. And doing so, is how businesses will compete for mind share and relevance over time.

There are still some tickets for MSM Paris available online. It’s the day after Le Web – so we’re expecting a lively mixed crowd (some presentations are in French, others in English.