Social CRM (London) 2011

Social CRM one of the hot topics of 2011. What is social CRM anyway and how will it effect business? We aim to explore these questions and many more with a one day event in central London.

Social CRM (London) will explore the latest tools and techniques for implementing a successful Social CRM strategy. We will look at how companies are managing social media communications, how they are integrating social media into their sales, marketing and research processes, and how they are storing and managing data between teams.

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Social Media Monitoring Book launched by Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands Co Founder of Influence People  launches his free Social Media Monitoring Book.

The Social Media Monitoring Book contains an introduction to Social Media Monitoring and interviews with Heidi Cohen, Seb Hempstead Sales Manager at Brandwatch, Trey Pennington, Loic Moisand co-founder and CEO of Synthesio, Marshall Sponder, Tezza Yujuico co-founder and COO of Athena East, Chase McMichael CEO, Charlie Osmond Strategy Director, FreshNetworks, Mark Schmulen General Manager of Constant Contact and our Luke Brynley-Jones.

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Socal PR 2011 London

We are pleased to announce the first of our UK events this year “Social PR”  which will take place on the 28th of February at the Cavendish Conference Centre.

In this one-day conference we’ll explore the key questions for PR and Communications execs in the new world of social media: Do you have the real-time communications mindset? How can your organisation deal with negative buzz? Can you harness online support to create brand advocates? How do you manage the fire-hose of social media data? And when does PR engagement become marketing?

Topics we will cover:

  • The Convergence of Social PR and Marketing
  • How to identify influencers & create brand advocates
  • Reputation management tools & techniques
  • Crisis management & prevention
  • ROI and PR: New measures of success
  • Real-time PR case studies

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Small Business Social Media Las Vegas Jan 12, 2011

All busineses are NOT the same – what works for big brands is not automatically best for small business. Implementing an effective Social Media strategy requires focusing on those Social Media Marketing solutions and tools that fit YOUR business. Many strategies and tools are specifically designed for Fortune 500 Enterprise businesses and are not suitable for entrepreneurs and local small or online businesses.

At each of our events we make it a point to schedule presentations that match the goals and budgets of small business owners. At Social Media Marketing Las Vegas on January 12, 2011 we are pleased to present Ron Cates of Constant Contact, a company best known for email marketing solutions that is moving aggressively into integrating Social Media Marketing into their offerings.

Ron is one of the country’s leading digital marketing experts and the nation’s most popular digital marketing presenter. The host of Email Marketing Radio and Social Media Nation, Ron is renowned for his unparalleled expertise and his ability to convey the most advanced marketing technology concepts in an entertaining style that can be easily understood by all.

Here are some of the presentations Small Businesses will be most interested in at Social Media Marketing Las Vegas:

Social Media Marketing for the Little Guys
Large corporations like Dell and Zappos have paved the way and demonstrated how social media marketing can drive positive business results. But Ron Cates will talk about the small businesses have different objectives and unique challenges. Many of the established rules of engagement do not seem to apply. In this session, Ron will share insights from small business owners and provide real world examples of how social media marketing delivers the best results when combined with email marketing.

Reputation Management using Social Media

This session will cover how social media helps with combating reputation management issues. Several examples will be shown to illustrate the effectives of Social Media in brand protection. In addition, we will discuss which social media sites have the most power for reputation management purposes. Reputation monitoring tools will also be discussed by Pierre Zarokian

How NOT to Go Viral

Peter C. VanRysdam will explore the fact that getting your message to go viral can be tough, ensuring failure is pretty easy. In this presentation, author and Internet marketing exec Peter VanRysdam will highlight what not to do when trying to stir up buzz. Rather than trying to force your point down your audience’s throat, VanRysdam will show how a focus on good content, sincerity, and old-fashion hard work is the best approach to a contagious marketing campaign.

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