Socal PR 2011 London

We are pleased to announce the first of our UK events this year “Social PR”  which will take place on the 28th of February at the Cavendish Conference Centre.

In this one-day conference we’ll explore the key questions for PR and Communications execs in the new world of social media: Do you have the real-time communications mindset? How can your organisation deal with negative buzz? Can you harness online support to create brand advocates? How do you manage the fire-hose of social media data? And when does PR engagement become marketing?

Topics we will cover:

  • The Convergence of Social PR and Marketing
  • How to identify influencers & create brand advocates
  • Reputation management tools & techniques
  • Crisis management & prevention
  • ROI and PR: New measures of success
  • Real-time PR case studies

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Presentations & Photos: Monitoring Social Media – Paris

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Monitoring Social Media 2010 Paris at the Theatre Adyar on Friday.  The final one-day conference in our 7 -event series was attended by nearly 150 of France’s leading social media experts, plus a few Brits, Italians, Germans and Americans – including the hugely popular Brian Solis.

  • We’ve published several of the presentations to our Slideshare account: Influencepeoples
  • The are some excellent photos of the conference here.
  • There are summaries of several of the presentations by @JoakimNilsson here.
  • There’s a good post from here.
  • The Buscofen video that Gianandrea Facchini from Buzzdetector discussed in his presentation is on YouTube here.
  • Unfortunately we can’t share Brian Solis’ presentation online, but if you want the 30-day monitoring matrix that Brian mentioned in his presentation, just email us (info@), we’ll send your request on.

We will be back in Paris the day after Le Web next year (9th December 2011) – so make sure to put that date in your diary. We will also be in Paris in the Spring for another of our flagship conferences: Social Media Marketing 2011. See you then!