Katie Delahaye Paine at Social PR London

Katie Delahaye Paine will be joining us from the USA for Social PR 2011 London.

Kaite was a brilliant speaker at our events last year in both New York and Boston. She was able to describe in detail what social media monitoring was and what could be measured in social media marketing campaigns. She is one of the worlds true experts in both PR and social media, it is a real privilege to have her come over and speak in London for you.

“Who is Katie Delahaye Paine?

Katie Delahaye Paine (twitter: KDPaine) is the CEO and founder of KDPaine & Partners LLC and author of “Measuring Public Relationships: The data-driven communicator’s guide to measuring success.” She also writes the first blog (Katie Paine’s Measurement Blog) and publishes the first newsletter (The Measurement Standard) dedicated entirely to measurement and accountability. In the last two decades, she and her firm have listened to millions of conversations, analyzed thousands of articles, and asked hundreds of questions in order to help her clients better understand their relationships with their constituencies.” http://www.kdpaine.com/index.cfm/all-about-katie-delahaye-paine/

Book now to hear her http://socialmediamarketing.co.uk/socialpr/