MSM10 – What to Demand in Your Social Dashboards with Semphonics

What to Demand in Your Social Dashboards
Gary Angel, Semphonics

Gary describes the 3C’s of effective dashboarding: culling the data effectively, classifying it in interesting fashion, and building the right context to make the data useful. You’ll see real-world examples of how the data can be organized to communicate key information and learn what to expect and demand from your social media team.

A dashboard should contain data including varied categories of measurement:

  • Brand Awareness – awareness trend, market trend, key relationships
  • Competitive Advantage – closest competitiors, competitive variation, trends
  • Marketing Impact – campaign share, campaign impact, engagement
  • Trust and satisfaction – topic trends, product/service issues, issues and alerts

Classification Behaviors: Topic – Sentiment – Sources – Influencer – Impact

Almost every real metric in Social Media requires classification to be interesting.

Social Media Dashboarding begins with 3 C’s:

Culling – getting the right data

Classify to make interesting

Context – needs to be in context