#SMMUK10 – Paying bloggers for content through sponsored conversation

Speaker is Paul Coggins, MD, ebuzzing

Sponsored conversation:

  • Article creation
  • Video creation
  • Combination

Case study: Ubisoft’s Just Dance

Bloggers created videos of them playing the game

Competition where the best entry won a weekend away, this after being paid for creating the content.

We are shown one of the videos.

Outcome: Hundreds of spontaneous articles, increase of Ubisoft’s presence with over 1 million views of the videos.

Great SEO benefit, influential bloggers ranking highly but sponsored blogging isn’t a link farm.

Why sponsor blogs?

Scale, costs and hard work.

It also allows blogs to be put into media schedules.


You can’t buy trust! Sponsoring isn’t about buying trust.

Be transparent!

Disclamer is mandatory.

No follow tags are mandatory.

Bloggers should not change their style for sponsored posts.

They should notpost videos just because they were paid to.

Tweet sponsored posts.

Respond to comments.

Treat the sponsored posts like normal posts.

The right environment will lead to conversation.

Connect with relevant bloggers in the space – It’s like a dating service.

Use your video as a tool for conversation within an article, not just to drive content.

Sponsored blogging gives campaigns scale, accountability and quality content.

Unique and interesting content in a relevant environment with influential bloggers taking part (because they were paid) leads to great results.

4/10 blogs in UK are bout football

Conclusion: For sponsored blogging you need:

Innovative ideas – it’s not just about a press release

Affinity between the blogger and the brand

Network – without a platform you can’t get scale

Content-rich environment

Reward for work


Q & A

Why no follow links?:  Google will devalue blogs with follow links which will penalise the blogger