#SMMUK10 – Fixing Online Advertising: New Formats & Pricing Models

Presenter: Joshua Rex, Head of Strategy & New Business, This is Open twitter: @OpenTwit

Social media is just another walled garden that needs to be knocked down

Advertising in social media is completely disruptive

Facebook’s targeting for sidebar ads is not the best

Advertising makes sense on a Facebook page

“Advertising is becoming a consumer choice” – Joe Marchese

A good measure of the quality of content is if the content is good enough to pay for

Would you pay for facebook or the content inside it if you had to pay for it?

What is the role of advertising in social media? Brand invasion of social (private) space – Find the right way to engage in the social media space, don’t be invasive.

Social media is for fueling and lubricating conversation and content distribution – isn’t that enough? It’s a brilliant medium for sharing content

To find the role of social media in the marketing mix we need to go back to the the birth of online advertising.

Online advertising started as a way to monetise on online investments (Websites used to cost £25 M!)

Banner ads were like fishing or road signs and most online advertisingis still like this today

The is no format for cost per engagement yet which is why there has been no shift

A new online format:

Intelligent Media Unit

Fits anywhere, fully customisable

No animation, no sound, no expanding

Well integrated microsite

Result is 5-10% interaction

Unique utilities drive repeat, ongoing engagement