#SMMUK10 – Granularity, Sociability, Responsibility: Moving Deeper, Higher, Wider in 2011

Presenter: Peter Crosby, Chief Sales Officer, Viadeo twitter: @petercrosby


Don’t disrupt the user journey

  • Mobile finding solutions to disruption
  • Why introduce dissonance at the point of the ad serve?
  • Greater impact by walking the user path?

iAd is unique: 1 billion impressions a month possible, does not make you leave the app to see the advert.

Quality vs Quantity

Lower volumes, highly targeted, lead better to CTR& higher levels of advocacy

Issue is that people still want to see quanity

Immersive & useful

  • Time/Situation/Geolocation
  • 3D consumer portrait
  • Nokia Point & Find/Google Goggles

People don’t want to engage with an ad, they’re in social media to socialise

Producing highly engaging ads for social media lead to better click-through rates


Don’t build a village!

Building your own community site is expensive and usually doesn’t succeed.

Be helpful and sociable, it works both offline and online

Digital word of mouth

Your customers are talking anyway, get in the conversation. If you can’t trust your employees to talk about your brand, you have a HR problem not a social media policy problem.

The real challenge is not what advertising you use it’s “What have you got?” Can someone share or retweet a display ad or a search ad?

Good ol’ fashioned data

  • Social recruiting
  • A data driven propostion
  • Cartier

Good ads get circulated, bad ads disappear



  • We know where you’re going on holiday
  • “Best buddy” not “Big brother”
  • O2 More – over 1 million people have opted-in to SMS advertising

Always opt-in

  • Why would I want to participate?
  • Reject or engage – fear of rejection means not finding out to focus on
  • eBay Germany – Tested communities Those who opted in gave free advice, spoke positively about eBay, eBay made $20 M dollars more from members