#SMMUK10 – How to Get Started in Mobile Social Media Advertising

Presenters: Carl Uminski, COO, Somo  and Matt Dicks, Marketing Director, Flirtomatic

Social media dominates mobile usage with facebook leading the way by a landslide

Three tier approach to advertising:

  • Focus
  • Reach
  • Results

Mobile media is highly fragmented, buying is a specialist task

Targeting options offered for and by social networks:

Handset, Geography, Traffic, Demographics, Channel

These all give you good insight into the users – if someone is using a pink Moto Razr, you usually have a good idea of who they are

The future:

Location: foursquare, gowalla etc

Immediacy: Promoted tweets


CTR on WAP currently averages 1%


Branding virtual gifts

Reward based advertising: affiliate and cost per acquisition deals

flirtomatic Case Study: Strongbow

Target: Over 18s

Objective: Brand awareness

Solution: Created a brand profile, also promoted with banners, SMS and a “Shout me a Pint” link

Results: 385,ooo virtual pints sent, 10% CTR lead to 80% real pints being redeemed