#SMMUK10 – How to Manage & Optimise Facebook PPC Campaigns

Speaker: Ankur Shah, Co-Founder and CEO, Techlightenment

Facebook provides an opportunity to use the information people are sharing to target advertising.

How is social advertising different from billboards and search advertising?

Search is intent driven and keyword based. The prices rise quickly and has a very high ceilings.

Billboards are generic and potentially irrelevant.

Social advertising lends itself a much better targeting and therefore drives the acquisition price down in terms of PPC. The effort involved can be higher though. You must customise ads, visuals and copy, to the microtarget market you’ve identified. This increases relevance and therefore clickthrough and conversion.

You must also customise landining pages using dynamic information. Amazon.com has optimised their entire CRM system for this.

Facebook quality scores your ad at the account, campaign and ad level. Over time your clickthrough rate decrease and your cost per click increases, sometimes as fast 2-3 days from launch. Tip: Repost ads often

Facebook ad conversion is 90% on average as opposed to Google which has 20% conversion.

Report, measure, tweak, repost. Repeat.