#SMMUK10 – Making Social Work for Advertising + Advertising Work for Social

We open with a story about a ship engaging with a lighthouse.

“There seems to be a conflict between paid advertising and the community of social but there is a brilliantly symbiotic relationship between the two.”

We are shown ads for Blackcurrant Tango and Old Spice.

Creativity is still required in both advertising and social.

Advertising is directional, paid and planned.

Social is more dynamic and less controlled.

How can they work together? Through participation and engagement.

We have lost control of most of the content we create.

The symbiosis of social and traditional media are creating more effective advertising.

Companies must adapt to how consumers are consuming media.

The conclusion: “We must create platforms that engage”

How? Think in 3 dimensions.

1. Engagement platforms -> Business ides that support your communications objectives

2. A social communications plan -> Your social calendar

3. Social business plan -> Your insight and customer services plan.

Social advertising encourages conversation rather than persuasion. Embrace participation.

What is needed?

A New Brief that is collaboratively created with specialists to create engaging platforms.

This will lead to a new holistic communications plan.

The reality:

Trade Engagement -> Experiential Seeding -> Social Expression -> Paid Media

Example: Evian (video link)

Business Problem: Need to differentiate the brand & be relevant

Customer insight: We all want to stay healthy and young

Engagement thought:  Evian can be an ingredient/catalyst

Expression: Live Young

Results: From video to print campaign and merchandising


“We must create collabroative process that will enable us to take the creativity that exists with the advertising industry and apply it within the new social world.”

Speaker is: Matt Atkinson, Group CEO, EHS Brann