#SMMUK10 – Monetizing Social Games

Presenter: Gilles Storme, Head of Sales EMEA, RockYou!

What are social games?

Very similar to casual games, played online, low level of complexity,  multiplayer

Monetized mainly by advertising, subscriptions and virtual goods – Subscriptions aren’t really working though

Some background:

Social networks have overtaken search engines and facebook has overtaken bebo and MySpace

800,000 businesses have facebook pages

An average user likes 2 pages per month

Housewives are an important part of those playing social games, it’s not just teenage boys


Monetisation is a three step cycle: Viral attributes -> Engagement -> Monetization

Spend as much as you can, based on your current revenues, to acquire new users

Keys to Monetisation Success: Emotional triggers like Drama, Friendship/Love, Competition

Key factors for successful advertising solutions: Measurable, great reach, precise targeting, standardised formats, safe context and engaged audience

In-game integration of ads can be done in multiple ways, ads in social gaming need not be display or video only.

Virtual good rewards are a great way to get users to interact with a brand:

  • User plays a game
  • User is offered a deal
  • User completes brand interaction
  • User recieves reward

Can be done in a variety of ways including: microsites, popup video ads, branded virtual goods


Social gaming is a significant marketing solution

Games are played by over 50% of social network users

Offers a great solution for brand interactions and awareness