#SMMUK10 – New Forms of Measurement: ROI in Social Media Advertising

Speaker: Joel Davis, Founder & Director, agency:2

Top 3 benefits of social media advertising:

1. Drives ROI – Still highly cost effective and proving itself time and time again

2. Great companion for social media campaigns

3. Uniquely targeted

Biggest cost in Earned and Owned advertising are time

Twitter, Blogs and LinkedIn are the top 3 platforms brands are investing in.

Projected US social media ad spend in 2011 is $2.09 B and there is an increase in spending outside the US as well.

According to McKinsey, loyalty will override active evaluation if a consumer has had positive post-purchase experiences.

Case study; Hertfordshire Constabulary

Objective: Increase applications


  • Reduced cost per application from £420 to £80
  • Applications increased by 248%
  • Great staff retention which suggest good targeting


  • Advertising, social or otherwise, is still about compelling proposition – You must know the unique selling point of a brand/product
  • A/B testing highly recommended – The most important thing is still meeting objectives
  • Utilise unique insights from click data: Titanic most popular film for those who clicked on Royal Caribbean ads
  • Daily monitoring at beginning of campaign for optimisation is very important.