#SMMUK10 Social Targeting: Understanding Social Media Data Mining and Analysis

Presenter: Chase McMichael, Co-Founder & CEO, Infinigraph.com

Using data to understand physical connections is a big idea because people broadcast that information to a large audience

Twitter and facebook are growing quickly – 90 Million tweets a day on twitter!

Hyper communication is now: Consumers provide provide information on what they are into.

Social isn’t just about being on a browser – There is an overlap with offline and mobile.

Consumers have many media choices – Social context and Data is massive for intelligent targeting.

Affinity markers allow you to identify “niche” keywords that are more effective than obvious ones.

You’re 5 times more likely to respond to marketing messages from a brand a friend uses.

What are social ads?

Facebook did a great job of exposing an important element to the data: Knowing what your friends like. Social ads are not only working. They work better than any other ads.

Targeting ads based on people’s likes beyond those connected to your brand have great potential for engagement and has shown great returns.

Tracking how ads or content are being consumed shows who it resonates with. This helps you understand the content and message you need to share to create traffic.

Relevance and desire lead to action.

Letting people know how many of their friends like the brand the ad is for can help encourage clickthrough.

Things don’t go viral, information goes viral.

Real-time social analysis of brands’ social community connection and conetent interaction to intelligently the relvant audience.

Without engagement, you won’t be moving the needle on any relevant metrics.

Privacy issues:

Behavioral targeting on social connections will open up a hole new host of privacy issues

Does the consumer know they’re being targeted?

Privacy doesn’t tend to actually be a top 5 concern for most people.

If people opt-out they weren;t going to help expand your reach anyway, so it’s not a real loss.

Conclusion: Social Ads work, social graph + data = ad targeting nirvana, relevance is critical, enabling customers is a must have