#SMMUK10 – The Myths of Social Marketing – Cat Williams from Mindshare

Myth 1: The future is viral

Cadbury’s Gorilla ad launched during Big Brother so views are not viral

40,000 people follow Alexander the Meerkat online but does it matter?

But the third attempt of the Old Spice ad was responsive and really social.

The reality is Paid, Owned and Earned.

Myth 2: UGC is taking over the world

Only 20% of the most popular videos are user-generated content

80% of links on twitter are to professional media sources

Myth #3: Social doesn’t work for B2B

Business people are still people and still have friends.

60% of C-Suite level use social networking regularly, especially LinkedIn.

Myth #4: You want lots of influencers

You don’t want LOTS of influencers, you want the right influencers.

Oprah took 300 of her audience members and 150 crew to Australia to blog and create content. This is the result of a campaign by the Australian government. Oprah is being paid $3.5 M.

Westfield are recruiting the best fashion blogger with $100K  salary rather than lobbying a major influencer.

Volvo UK lobbied for diesel cars not to pay the congestion charge in Central London.

You need to be engaging and do something that is going to make a difference.

Myth #5: You can’t measure social

Awareness is about syndicating content and tracking the buzz.

Consideration is open-source

Purchase is now on-demand

Recommendation is brand advocacy – this is the new CRM

Case study: IKEA

On facebook if you tagged a picture with your ame you won it. This created awareness and was trackable.

Case study: Impulse

Using facebook to create The Impulse Diaries

Had an impact on sales and led to a decision to doing CRM via social

Myth #6: Social is killing television

Social is helping television grow. Election debates have shown this.

Conclusion: Social isn’t taking over the world You need to Pay for it, you need to create a lot of Owned content and then you need to Earn your social credibility through CRM.

“You don’t need as much expenditure for social as you do traditional media but you certainly need a lot more effort.”

Speaker was Cat Williams – catherine.williams@mindshareworld.com twitter: @mindsharesocial