#SMMUK10 Video Advertising: Five Tips to Leverage the Viral Power of Social Media

Sarah Wood, Operations Director, Unruly Media

Video + Social = Brand Advocacy

Video sharing has grown exponentially in the last five years

Good content in the right context will be shared

#1 Identify campaign objectives & KPIs

IAB Social Media Framework

i: Intent – Establish intentions & objectives in order to define which KPIs are most pertinent

a: Awareness Appreciation Action Advocacy- Define & measure core KPI metrics by social media platform

b: Benchmark

Case Study: Infiniti Visualiser

  • Uploaded video to top 10 relevant sites in each market
  • Paid placements
  • Outreach

#2 Create Contagious Content that people will want to share.

Choose a viral trigger and nail it: Funny, shocking, sexy, spectacular, random, uplifiting, illuminating. So-so content has “potential” but it won’t take off. The best content literally moves people.

#3 Talk to the right people. At the right time. In the right way.

It’s not necessary to go after to the big guns. Everyone is a broadcaster. Identify potential advocates (a good tool for that is Viral Video Chart) and give them good content to share. Not everyone needs to be paid.

Be polite to your hosts: Respect the people who’s attention you want.

#4 Be creative and collaborative with social media partners

  • They know what will engage *their* audience
  • Creative freedom brings authentic advocacy

Creating an emotional connection is what “sells” people on your brand or product

#5 Use bought media to amplify the earnt exposure

  • Using Facebook Open Graph
  • Leveraging the Social Graph
  • Reach is crucuial as viral spread is unpredictable

Your content is competing with 500,000 videos being uploaded every day.

Get you video ads in facebook and get facebook (and other social networks) into your video ads!

If you feel your audience is on a site that you may struggle to get traction on, buy paid placement where available.

Q&A Takeaway: ROI depends on quality of the content