Social Media Monitoring Comes to London: MSM10

Monitoring Social Media 2010 London

Monitoring Social Media 2010 (#MSM10) came home to London yesterday in fine style. Over 150 of the UK’s leading social media monitoring experts, brands, agencies and bloggers joined us at the ever-stylish Cavendish Conference centre for a day of intensive, high-value presentations, discussion and networking.

Speakers included: Marshall Sponder (Webmetricsguru), Simon Mcdermott (Attentio), Giles Palmer (Brandwatch), Catriona Oldershaw (Synthesio), Gianandrea Facchini (Buzzdetector), Nicolas Saintagne (Spotter), Robin Grant (We Are Social), Mark Schmulen (Constant Contact), Mark Rogers (Market Sentinel), Robert Jardine (Carphone Warehouse), Alan Hamlyn (MarketMeSite), Aleks Stensby and Neil Scaithe (Integrasco) and Charlie Osmond (FreshNetworks).

For the first time we live-streamed the conference. This was a trial, so we didn’t publicise the stream widely, but we still had over 140 online viewers throughout the day. These virtual attendees also contributed to the frenetic Twitter stream – which surpassed even MSM New York in activity, posting 2381 Tweets from 341 contributors during the day.

For anyone who missed the conference – the presentations are available on our Slideshare account.

We have also posted some photos of the event on Flickr.

Next up will be Monitoring Social Media 2010 Paris on 10th December (the day after Le Web). If you know anyone in France who should be there – please send them along. There is a French version of the website here.

4 thoughts on “Social Media Monitoring Comes to London: MSM10

  1. If you would like to see how the 2381 tweets (and growing) pan out from the 341 contributors we have posted a link to the SM2 dashboard, thanks for those that gave Alterian SM2 a shout out.

    One of the tools that will be right for some jobs, but as mentioned, you still need a brain to work a tool.

    Enjoy, and thanks for a great event watched from Bristol.


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