How to Win Friends and Influence People Online

Our founder and CEO was recently listed in the ImpactRadius Top 25 Performance Marketing Influencers List. Congratulations Murray!

From Murray:

“I think the list is a good start and I’m sure that Todd and the team at Impact Radius will work hard to perfect it. This is their best guess at online influence, which is a hard thing to do. Klout has spent millions on their scoring system, and it’s far from perfect. The validity of their list was questioned by Missy Ward. I myself have written and posted over 50 guest posts on marketing sites relating to affiliate marketing (many of which have been tweeted, shared and liked) in the last month alone, which will have had a large influence on the sector which is not accounted for in the infographic. This cross platform influence of people is very hard to measure.”

But how do you win those friends and influence people online?

1. Meeting People Face-to-Face

Surprisingly to many, meeting people who hear about your site, follow you on Twitter, connect with you on LinkedIn and Facebook face-to-face makes a huge difference. Ford Social Media Manager Scott Monty discussed this at BlogWorld. See my post on this topic here: WetWorld blogging

2. Content and Conversation Creation

Make good content for your site, blog, Facebook page, Twitter stream and LinkedIn profile make you an influencer. This can be words, photos or video, but make sure it’s relevant to the audience you want to connect with.

3. Content Curation

When speaking on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis, it’s not just about your thoughts and images. Good conversationalists also reference other words and content, as well. If you can become a good resource for ideas, you can become a go-to source for others.

4. Being Known For Something

Shawn Collins and Missy Ward run Affiliate Summit, the biggest conference in the industry, and they are certainly known in the industry for this. They are also very influential.

5. Have Something to Promote

Running Affiliate Summit, the biggest conference in the industry, gives Shawn Collins and Missy Ward something to promote and at the same time builds their own profiles. Lots of people do this with online book, webinars or other social objects.

Why is influence important?

Brian Solis’ blog Francisco Dao posted on The Illusion of Importance: I think it is a great post that we should not get to caught up in ourselves. However that is missing a point. We all do much of our shopping online. It is a small section of society with creates that online content and a smaller section which does it well. Influencing those people can impact the buying habits of a nation. Fact:  Ford was at BlogWorld because they want to influence bloggers who influence the buying habits of America. That is why online influence matters.

Why does being listed as someone who can influence people matter?

Within 48 hours of hitting that list, I was contacted by someone who wanted to influence the affiliate market and write a quote for a new blogger relations project. Now that is good promotion for myself, which will lead to more work in the near future.