Welcome to Social Media Monitoring San Francisco

Today we are in the city by the bay discussing monitoring social media.

We are starting off with Marcel LeBrun, CEO of Radian6

Marcel highlights the key changes that companies need to adopt in order to shift from a broadcast mentality to listening and engagement.

  • Digital has been used as a differentiating adjective – of course now everythign is digital, so the name has dropped.
  • Digital is a transforming innovation and fundamental innovation.
  • What is social? Web? Customer? – Fundamental innovation. How companies manage relationships with customers.
  • Social impacts everything – enabling new markets.
  • Remember – the medium is the message – Marshall McLuhan in Understanding Media in 1964. Media is not neutral, the characteristics of each media has their own impact.

The Nature of the Social Medium

  • The social web’s reach is now bigger than TV.
  • It’s messages can propagate faster; they last longer.
  • Messages are more trusted because they move through a network of trust (friends).
  • No single institution controls it; everyone is a participant.
  • The “social phone”: It is a multi-purpose medium, more like the phone network than TV/mass media.
  • The social web is causing the biggest cultural shift in business since the “mad men” era.
  • Your brand is now the sum of conversations about it.
  • So, build a better listening and response engine.
  • Remember to think about why you are listening – it’s not a one-way system, the goal is to tell your customer that they are worth the time. Example: Gatorade Mission Control Video

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