What Attendees Say About Monitoring Social Media

#MSM10 New York

An excellent way to decide if a particular Social Media Event appeals to you is by reading what those who attended previous events had to say.

We’ve rounded up some comments from across the Internet that provide insight into benefits attendees have shared:

“…a great conference with dynamic speakers at probably one of the funkiest venues in San Francisco.  Look forward to the next one…By the way, at least some of the presentation slide decks can be found on Slideshare.” ~ Stephen Debruyn, Marketing and Communications Exchange  ~

You can read more Stephen’s Social Media Monitoring Conference Takeaways in hs post about the conference he attended.

“We were both impressed and surprised by the quality of the speakers and the information presented at the event. Sometimes you go to these events and hear nothing but a sales pitch. This conference happily, wasn’t that.” ~ Two of us from E3 European Agency Network … lucky enough to attend a Monitoring Social Media event presented by Influence People in Boston. ~

You can read more of their excellent review from an attendees’ perspective in their Insights from Monitoring Social Media Conference in their E3 European Agency Network blog.

MSM10 Bootcamp New YorkClick the banners or these links for complete information on the speakers and sessions for New York Monitoring Social Media 2010 and Monitoring Social Media New York Bootcamp 2010.

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