Content Marketing

Content marketing is very important in today’s world, especially for small businesses.

Those that embrace the changing world of marketing are the ones that go on to succeed. Influence People can help lead you through this new and ever-changing world with the help of its team of dedicated content producers and solid industry connections. Your email newsletters, social media campaigns, SEO and PR activities are all based on creating and publishing high-quality original content. We are here to create and market this content for you.

Why does good content help my reputation?

Many blogging outreach companies produce low-quality posts on sites that are totally irrelevant to the product. This not only hurts SEO, but also takes away one of blogging outreach’s biggest advantages: Targeting demographics that are virtually tailor-made to your product or service. Not only that, but the articles themselves are grammatically incorrect and don’t make any sense whatsoever.

Having high-quality content associated with your name builds a professional reputation. We distinguish ourselves from other companies by producing higher-quality content that people, not just search engines, can read. That’s why all of our bloggers are native English speakers with writing and technical backgrounds. Before we write an article, our writers research the topic themselves so that they know what it’s about.

Why does it matter what people think about my company if they don’t know about it?

Of course, you need to show up high on Google and other search engines for somebody to even be able to look for you. Creating blog posts by having a good blogger relations program that link to your website tells Google that your site is important enough to be referenced by other sites. This improves your site’s rankings for the terms it’s linked for. For example, if somebody links to this site and the text you click is “marketing consulting”, eventually this site will appear higher on Google searches for “marketing consulting” and related terms.

Using blogs to build links is fairly simple on the surface, but doing it wrong can get your site removed from search engines entirely. That’s why most companies hire a professional company to do their blogger outreach and link building for them.

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